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what i wanted to do

i wanted to give a good relaxing gift for my mom since she is EXPECTING. firstn i thought of getting maternity clothes but we had already bought that. so i thought my mom would like something i made so i consulted chat GPT 4. then coincedintly the ver y thing that triggered my candle idea was …… the candle that i was using fell. luckily i was not burnt ! then the idea struck me Oh i can make a candle !

how did chat gpt help me

I did not know how to make a candle, so i asked chat gpt to help me …. first i neede to plan and draw how i wanted my candle to look like. then i asked chat gpt what i needed to make it. first of all i needed some wax. then a wick, some decoration material and a glass jar

how did i make it

first i needed to see who could help me melt wax. after some thought i said Tulsi uncle! i drew some drawings of the candle i was going to make so that if Tulsi uncle did not understand a letter that i wrote also for him so that he could understand better. the next day, i secrretly went upto him and told him
in his ear to melt the wax. he said theek hai. after he melted the wax, i made the wick but by the time it was done he left so the next day he quickly melted the wax and i held the wick until it was able to stand . the next day i cut the wick a little bit . the wick was made out of the kitchen cooking thread i
first asked my mom that i this thread 100% cotton? my mom said yes. i wanted to ensure that it will not cause a fire hazard which is very dangerous. then i decorated it with stickers and oil pastel colors.

today i presented it to my mom. my mom’s reaction was like OH WOW SABI! let us light it right now. i said sure. we lit the cande, turned off the lights and hugged each other while playing some soothing music. but since the flames were leaping high i as an inventor was consciously worried. i could not even sleep on my mom’s goodi (lap). then i called my dad that because the flames were frightening. my dad took a plate and slammed it over the candle. the flame instantly blew off but the glass broke because it was heated too much by the flame. i was sad that my favourite jar was broken. but i also felt good that
the candle was a success and we were able to enjoy and spend mom daughter time for atleast 30 minutes.

bye see you next time.


today i watched a movie on sam bahadur the militry genral of india . here are some things i learnt from him …….

  • he was a good leader here is an example the indian army was building stuff for the society sam said that he will not tolerate this and the soldiers were not trained for this kind of work they are supposed to fight for the country .
  • he had clarity . here is an example: he said no to indira gandhi the prime minister of that time
  • he was very strong once a japenese soldier shot 9 bullets at his stomuck he survived the attack !
  • he was very respetful throughout his life he has been respecting people .
  • he was very funny and had a good sense of humer

when he died his last words were I AM OKAY ha ha ha ha

this what i know . any way bye see you next time .


Today, Sabi sold product worth Rs. 720 — 3 boxes of Tulsi tea and 6 bookmarks.


after breakfast my mom told that i had a new order from website for snug, monster my insides were full of joy .

i skipped to my room and started making some snugs i played some music while i made them

after sometime my mother saiod that the order had been cancled because the people who wanted it were in mumbai and they neded it right now but the parcle would not just reach mumbai in 1 hour

i was disapointed my mom told me at last they did ti thruogh the website that means it could attract more customers that was better .

i thought that i shouid keep some snugs in my nanis house so that my nani can parcel it over to the mumbai customer .

bye see you next time .


In Nehru park as usulal i got up at 5:53 today when we came to the park not many people were there but after sometime of waiting someone finnaly came . he bought 1 tea.

i waited and waited still i did not get any more customers but…………. to cheer up my mood we went for a walk and some tree climbing

i had worn my new T- shirt that my nani had given me for snug monsters

we went home decorated the house to celebrate diwali at home and party buh bye see you next time

mumma wore dadis sari
we made rangolis
light divas
put lights
at the dojo with fellow warriors. i carried my gada
at society with my friends
did lakshmi poojan
with Snug Monsters account book

Last two weeks Sabi couldn’t set up her stall due to high pollution in Delhi. After the down pour, today’s air quality was much better, and we were back outdoors. She was very determined to sell today despite knowing that Diwali weekend might impact the footfall.

Happy and excited at the start
Bored yet persevering till the end

She sold 5 Tulsi Boxes, 1 Wild Tulsi Tea Box and 15 bookmarks and her shop was open for 2 hours. This accounted for total sale of Rs. 1500.

Some repeat customers who purchased Tulsi tea in the past visited again as it was almost over. He mentioned that Tulsi tea was so strong and aromatic that he was able to reuse same leaves 2-3 times. Along with that, he also purchased one box of Wild Tulsi tea.

Another past customer, who had purchased both bookmarks and tea dropped by to say Hi to Sabi and enquired if she was selling any new products. Time to launch new ones soon!

Chetan Bhagat, well known author, chanced upon Sabi’s little shop and purchased 5 bookmarks.

With Chetan Bhagat

today i woke up extremly late i finished my snugglles and was in for round 2.

then i heared my friend J calling me.

i went to talk she just had begun talking but then my dad said to come inside because it was polluted and i called my friend on a vidieo call .

she said that she wanted to sell pitakas in central park and wanted me as an vollenter. i said mabey but only for one day right she said yes then we talked on blah blah blah thn i said one miniute i went to my parents.

we did family talk but forgot J could still hear us talking from inside ! when the call ended my parents told me the mistake and i bloged about it

so bye see you next time


today when i attended online class

in the second last one maam played a video i took out my notebook and scrribled down notes of the video so that when my little sibling comes i could teach that .

Ruchi maam assumed that i was thinking that i thoght that i knew everything and was not paying atention so she scolded me

i stayed silent for the rest of the class

next class i told ruchi maam that she assumed that and she should have asked first instead of jumping in conclusions

she said sorry and we patched up

bye see you next time


i was planing to go to the diwali mela in central park to sell snug monsters but there was lot s of pollution and we didnt want to go but our minds went in a different direction and we went yo the mela not to sell but to have fun we wore masks.

the noise bursted my ear drums i decided to go the swings for 2 mins rest my ears my mom bought me a balloon


You know that i love reading books right ? there are cool fraces in them like in tintin blistering barnicals in roald dhal twits and in famuose five smash it .

so i came up with frases of my own like zoobses , zouches ,goobie gaba ,busibum beaker ,silly panda .

zoobses is actully coming from oppsei daisys

so it is zoobses lazies zouches is a mix of zoobses and ouches

the others are just phrases.

well your supposed to use zoobses and zouches the exact same way you use oppses and ouchies you use oppses when you do something wrong and ouchies when your hurt so use my words the same way.

did you like it ? if yes then great if no then its okay

bye see you next time

zouches i slipped my tongue !


Sabi fell down .

R: Did you get hurt?

S: Little

R: Where? On bone or flesh?

S: On Flesh

R: How much is it paining?

S: 0/10 but 5/100

R: Picks the baby and smiles


my nani had got 2 payals. one broke and so i could only wear the other one.

soon me and my mother went shopping for anklets.we could not find the ones that suited me so i bought a halloween pumpkin trick or treat thing.

when we got home i made 2 more payals. and thought to have a vairety. my mother said that they were lovely.

encoraged to tell my dad i waited eagerly it was 11: 00 pm. when he came we were tired so we slept the next day when i showed my dad the payals his feedback was ….. that my anklets were not as good as nani’s anklets . nani’s anklets were robust , simple and beautiful .

i got sad and cried. i was confused that why did mom say its iovely and dad say their not robust.

my mom took me on her lap and helped me clear my mind and said …. your dad compared nani’s anklets with yours and nani’s payal is made of metal your is made of thread mom said lovely because of the hardwork i put in .

calmed i retuned into my normal self .

Anklets that Sabi made
Anklets that Nani sent
Sabi after father’s judgment

On our morning walk, Sabi discovered fallen Shepalika flowers. These fragrant blooms have a white corolla with five to eight lobes and an orange-red center. They grow in clusters of two to seven and open at dusk, only to fade by dawn. We collected a few to adorn our urulis.

How we taught Sabi safe tree climbing: strength, balance, decisions & problem-solving. Foster childhood growth through hands-on experiences.

Earlier this month, we introduced Sabi to accounting. Our goal was for her to grasp the method of recording and organizing daily business transactions. While she appeared to understand, she hadn’t consistently applied it. However, today she diligently completed all the ledger entries for October.

Almost a year ago, Sabi began working out with Hanuman Gada and Mudgars. She started with a basic lathi. Fast forward, she managed to exercise with 2.5 kilo Gadas.

Children are always bursting with questions. But, let’s be real, we didn’t always have the answers or the time to spare. So, we introduced Sabi to ChatGPT+. Here’s how it played out:

  • Safety first. We kicked off chats with: “Hi, I’m Sabi. I’m a seven-year-old in second grade. Can we talk?” This let ChatGPT know a young mind was on the other end.
  • Quenching curiosity. Sabi dived into everything from “How did the universe begin?” to “How do you play with 1-year-old babies?” Sure, some replies were cliche, but to a seven-year-old, it’s fresh info.
  • Intellectually active. Instead of just zoning out in front of the TV, she posed questions, read back, and thought of what to ask next.
  • Better screen time. Suddenly, those hours in front of a screen weren’t just passive; they were educational.
  • Typing skills. Introducing her to a laptop for this meant she got a head start on keyboard skills.
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