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My First Candle

what i wanted to do

i wanted to give a good relaxing gift for my mom since she is EXPECTING. firstn i thought of getting maternity clothes but we had already bought that. so i thought my mom would like something i made so i consulted chat GPT 4. then coincedintly the ver y thing that triggered my candle idea was …… the candle that i was using fell. luckily i was not burnt ! then the idea struck me Oh i can make a candle !

how did chat gpt help me

I did not know how to make a candle, so i asked chat gpt to help me …. first i neede to plan and draw how i wanted my candle to look like. then i asked chat gpt what i needed to make it. first of all i needed some wax. then a wick, some decoration material and a glass jar

how did i make it

first i needed to see who could help me melt wax. after some thought i said Tulsi uncle! i drew some drawings of the candle i was going to make so that if Tulsi uncle did not understand a letter that i wrote also for him so that he could understand better. the next day, i secrretly went upto him and told him
in his ear to melt the wax. he said theek hai. after he melted the wax, i made the wick but by the time it was done he left so the next day he quickly melted the wax and i held the wick until it was able to stand . the next day i cut the wick a little bit . the wick was made out of the kitchen cooking thread i
first asked my mom that i this thread 100% cotton? my mom said yes. i wanted to ensure that it will not cause a fire hazard which is very dangerous. then i decorated it with stickers and oil pastel colors.

today i presented it to my mom. my mom’s reaction was like OH WOW SABI! let us light it right now. i said sure. we lit the cande, turned off the lights and hugged each other while playing some soothing music. but since the flames were leaping high i as an inventor was consciously worried. i could not even sleep on my mom’s goodi (lap). then i called my dad that because the flames were frightening. my dad took a plate and slammed it over the candle. the flame instantly blew off but the glass broke because it was heated too much by the flame. i was sad that my favourite jar was broken. but i also felt good that
the candle was a success and we were able to enjoy and spend mom daughter time for atleast 30 minutes.

bye see you next time.


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