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Equal gender representation in the next event you host

Fempanel is a platform to discover women experts across industries. Bringing gender diversity to the events next to you & saying goodbye to all-male panels!

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How does it work?

Browse the resource pool. Find the relevant women experts. Reach out to us for a connection. We ask them if they are interested. If they agree, we connect.

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Why is it relevant

70% of speakers at global professional events and conferences are men. The percentage of women speakers increased by only 2% from 2016 to 2018.

Despite making up half the world’s population, women’s voices continue to be underrepresented and excluded in public discussions, forums, panels, webinars. The frequency of these instances is so striking that it has its own term: “manel”.

This needs to change because manels represent a deeper and more complex global problem — lack of female representation on public boards, political leadership, senior management, start-ups and companies.

The fact is that if you’re only hearing from people like you, if you’re hearing the story from only 50% of the population, you are never hearing the full story.

It will take all of us acting intentionally — speakers, organizers, sponsors, and attendees alike — to drive gender diversity at the speaker level in events & conferences. Fempanel is a start to enable this change.

Why should an event organiser or journalist use this list

Event organizers – it’s time to walk the talk! The problem is that most conference selection processes are biased towards dominant demographics and removing this bias is an important step to increase diversity at large.

As an event organiser, you’ve the power to do that.

Fempanel offers you an easy way to discover and connect with hundreds of women subject matter experts for speaking and media opportunities. You can browse through our curated list of speakers, see their profiles, and request a super-fast connection.

We just ask for two things from you:

  • Strive for a balanced line-up. Choose a minimum 50/50 split. And also, be mindful about including non-binary individuals as well.
  • Please share how you achieved better diversity at your conference, talk numbers, and don’t forget to share this resource with someone who can use it as well.

Why should you join as a volunteer or maintainer

No seat or one seat at the table isn’t the solution. Women belong in all rooms where a conversation is being held, or decisions are being taken.

Give your time, show up, and help build that change.

By volunteering with Fempanel – you can help us increase our ever-growing database of women subject matter experts, connect event organizers or journalists with speakers, and most importantly, be a part of the community that’s helping hundreds of people move from manels to panels.

After all, our movement only gets stronger as more of you join to be a part of the solution!

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Get involved

Looking to get more involved with Fempanel? Check out the options below:

Women experts across industries:

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Promoters of women experts:

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Partner/ Collaborate

Event organizers and partners:

Let us promote your efforts with our campaign. We’d be honoured

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