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Behaviour change cards for Hygiene

26 visual cards to teach 2-5 year olds about hygiene and immunity.

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Since early January 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading exponentially. Most awareness campaigns and advertising today are focused on adults. But, what about the children? 

How should I tell the child what is a“Quarantine”?  How to wear a face mask or How to make sure they keep wearing one? What should they do and what should they not? Thinking of a way to protect and edutain them during the unprecedented time, we created this.

This could help move your child to follow your cues and effect a change in their hygiene routine. This may not be the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but it’ll help your child understand why it is necessary.

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Hi, we are two mompreneurs

Dhara is a visual communicator and runs The Humane Club.

Sanya is an early childhood educator and runs Learning Synapses.

Our illustrations have been drawn by Yatish. He is an IIT Delhi graduate who is now studying visual arts at Ambedkar University

Join us on a mission to help our children change hygiene behaviour quickly.

Our cards are based on research and will help your child imagine abstractions and visualise ideas and answer the question “Momma, what is a Virus?”. These cards aim to emphasise repetition and lower the cognitive load for a child to learn.

Carry these compact-sized cards in your handbag. Use them to introduce and discuss agreeable behaviors. Use them to educate, bond, and play with your child. Re-visit the relevant card and remind them each time the child forgets or makes a mistake.

What’s inside

This deck covers:

  • 6 illustrations on how to stay safe.
  • 3 illustrations on how to wash hands.
  • 2 illustrations on how to greet.
  • 3 illustrations on how to be interact with friends.
  • 2 illustrations on how to be interact with adults.
  • 4 illustrations on how to sneeze and cough.
  • 4 illustrations on how to handle masks.
  • 2 illustrations on how to strength immunity.
  • A one pager guide.

Be the social distancing superhero your child needs. Download the illustrations by subscribing.

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