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Cool Phrases

You know that i love reading books right ? there are cool fraces in them like in tintin blistering barnicals in roald dhal twits and in famuose five smash it .

so i came up with frases of my own like zoobses , zouches ,goobie gaba ,busibum beaker ,silly panda .

zoobses is actully coming from oppsei daisys

so it is zoobses lazies zouches is a mix of zoobses and ouches

the others are just phrases.

well your supposed to use zoobses and zouches the exact same way you use oppses and ouchies you use oppses when you do something wrong and ouchies when your hurt so use my words the same way.

did you like it ? if yes then great if no then its okay

bye see you next time

zouches i slipped my tongue !


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