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Why We Introduced ChatGPT+ to 7-Year-Old?

Children are always bursting with questions. But, let’s be real, we didn’t always have the answers or the time to spare. So, we introduced Sabi to ChatGPT+. Here’s how it played out:

  • Safety first. We kicked off chats with: “Hi, I’m Sabi. I’m a seven-year-old in second grade. Can we talk?” This let ChatGPT know a young mind was on the other end.
  • Quenching curiosity. Sabi dived into everything from “How did the universe begin?” to “How do you play with 1-year-old babies?” Sure, some replies were cliche, but to a seven-year-old, it’s fresh info.
  • Intellectually active. Instead of just zoning out in front of the TV, she posed questions, read back, and thought of what to ask next.
  • Better screen time. Suddenly, those hours in front of a screen weren’t just passive; they were educational.
  • Typing skills. Introducing her to a laptop for this meant she got a head start on keyboard skills.

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