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Snug Monster Update – 11 Nov

Last two weeks Sabi couldn’t set up her stall due to high pollution in Delhi. After the down pour, today’s air quality was much better, and we were back outdoors. She was very determined to sell today despite knowing that Diwali weekend might impact the footfall.

Happy and excited at the start
Bored yet persevering till the end

She sold 5 Tulsi Boxes, 1 Wild Tulsi Tea Box and 15 bookmarks and her shop was open for 2 hours. This accounted for total sale of Rs. 1500.

Some repeat customers who purchased Tulsi tea in the past visited again as it was almost over. He mentioned that Tulsi tea was so strong and aromatic that he was able to reuse same leaves 2-3 times. Along with that, he also purchased one box of Wild Tulsi tea.

Another past customer, who had purchased both bookmarks and tea dropped by to say Hi to Sabi and enquired if she was selling any new products. Time to launch new ones soon!

Chetan Bhagat, well known author, chanced upon Sabi’s little shop and purchased 5 bookmarks.

With Chetan Bhagat

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