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Tulsi Whole Leaf Tea (50 grams)

Immunity boosting whole leaf Tulsi tea made at home by a 7-year old. This tea is caffeine-free and thus child-friendly.
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INR 200
Product Information
50 grams (makes 50 cups)
Boost your immunity or as a remedy to cold and cough.
Teach children to appreciate hot water as a healthy alternative to milk chai.
Boil 1 gram for 5 minutes. Optionally add honey.
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Customer Review

How it was made (Logs from Sabi’s Journal)

We spent a whole day cleaning 1.5 kilos of fresh basil leaves, removing the stems. Then, we quickly steamed them in an electric cooker to preserve their green color, flavor, and antioxidants. Finally, we dried them out, and in about three days, we had around 150 grams of dried tulsi tea leaves.


We asked Sabi to make us some of her dried Tulsi Tea so we could taste it. The tea had a great aroma, but its flavor was light. Best of all, it was caffeine-free, so it was perfect for kids. For our next try, we boiled the Tulsi Tea. Adding honey made it taste really strong and rich.


Sabi, curious to see if people would buy her Tulsi Tea, set up shop one Saturday morning. She sold three tea boxes, along with her usual bookmarks