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my nani had got 2 payals. one broke and so i could only wear the other one.

soon me and my mother went shopping for anklets.we could not find the ones that suited me so i bought a halloween pumpkin trick or treat thing.

when we got home i made 2 more payals. and thought to have a vairety. my mother said that they were lovely.

encoraged to tell my dad i waited eagerly it was 11: 00 pm. when he came we were tired so we slept the next day when i showed my dad the payals his feedback was ….. that my anklets were not as good as nani’s anklets . nani’s anklets were robust , simple and beautiful .

i got sad and cried. i was confused that why did mom say its iovely and dad say their not robust.

my mom took me on her lap and helped me clear my mind and said …. your dad compared nani’s anklets with yours and nani’s payal is made of metal your is made of thread mom said lovely because of the hardwork i put in .

calmed i retuned into my normal self .

Anklets that Sabi made
Anklets that Nani sent
Sabi after father’s judgment

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