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Sam Bahadur

today i watched a movie on sam bahadur the militry genral of india . here are some things i learnt from him …….

  • he was a good leader here is an example the indian army was building stuff for the society sam said that he will not tolerate this and the soldiers were not trained for this kind of work they are supposed to fight for the country .
  • he had clarity . here is an example: he said no to indira gandhi the prime minister of that time
  • he was very strong once a japenese soldier shot 9 bullets at his stomuck he survived the attack !
  • he was very respetful throughout his life he has been respecting people .
  • he was very funny and had a good sense of humer

when he died his last words were I AM OKAY ha ha ha ha

this what i know . any way bye see you next time .


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