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Building inclusive municipal systems

21 DEC 2021 Tuesday 14:00 Asia/Kolkata
Duration :
1 hour(s)
Natasha Zarine
Block Pattern: Slim Fit


About the speaker: Natasha is the Founder and Managing Director of CARPE, a nonprofit that builds evidence-driven solutions to civic and environmental challenges in Aurangabad and beyond with government and industry partners. The organization has successfully implemented solid waste management interventions in three cities across Maharashtra and is expanding to 15 districts. Natasha also co-founded EcoSattva Environmental Solutions, which provides ecological sewage treatment coupled with eco-scaping, a process that combines landscape architecture and environmental science to create sustainable design. Natasha is an Ashoka University 2013 Young India Fellow.

What will you learn: In this session you’ll learn about:

  • Understanding broken municipal systems.
  • People centric systemic solutions vs tech & infra centric solutions.
  • Environment as a system, not just an outcome.
  • Entrepreneurship, Starting up, the gender/age/language/qualification dynamics etc.

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