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Bullies crave power to dominate

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Remember, bullies do want to see you succeed because they will lose control over you. As a result, they may punish you for mistakes that are not yours or bring up past mistakes in order to shift blame during a discussion. They also may make it impossible for you to apply for a promotion, a transfer or additional training. They may even over-control or micromanage your work or projects.

Bullies at the workplace are craving power and control. They will not hesitate to intimidate and insult people at the workplace to stamp their authority on them. Bullying behaviour is an assertion of power over someone else. The bullies crave power to make it clear to the victims of bullying that they are superior and should be respected.

The bullies show no mercy towards the victims and are hellbent on controlling them. This demoralizes the victim and makes him doubt his/her own abilities. The victims begin hating to come to work every morning in such a toxic atmosphere. This is bad news for the organization they work for.