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A community for working women professionals that gives tools and network to grow personally and professionally

Women, join your power network

A community for working women professionals. With support from:


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Upgrade your skills

We often look for nurturing ecosystems to facilitate a learning curve. Instead of cutting through the noise on the internet, with LEARN, you can get curated resources and live sessions for personal growth and skill-building.

It’s the economy, stupid

As more women succeed, they get access to power and financial stability. With GROW, we enable that via dialogues, resources and interactions that help professional growth and enable you to build a career you love.

Strive for change together

Navigating through personal & professional journeys requires us to be RESPONSIBLE for our own choices, community and society. This section helps you with interactions & tools to strive for and work to build a better world around you. 

Well-being amid busy lives

Don’t throw away life, while striving for a work-life balance. With LIVE, get access to easy self-care, parenting resources, guides and sessions and hear about experiences of women who have walked the same road. 

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