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When things don’t go their way, bullies threaten

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The ‘Screaming Mimi’ use aggresive body language to assert their authority on people at the workplace. For instance, they would put their feet up on the table during meetings to assume a power pose and intimidate others at the meeting.

The aggresive communication style of these kind of bullies is characterized by high emotion, low empathy (they do not want to consider how hurt/humiliated the other party is feeling) and want to ‘win’ the argument at all costs. When a person uses aggresive communication, other begin to feel victimized and as a result, their relationship suffers. It could take a toll on the mental health of the victim and could impact his/her productivity at work and mood at home. These type of bullies have no respect for the needs, rights and feelings of their co-workers and are only concerned with stamping their authority at the workplace.

They rely on criticism and always pin the blame on their co-workers. They have extremely low levels of tolerance and get frustrated really easily. They do not care about their co-workers’ opinions and frequently interrupt them when they are trying to raise a point during meetings. Their presence is cancerous for organizations and they create several problems for the employer and most importantly, the other employees at the organization.

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