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Talk to your manager or HR

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It is important that you speak to somebody at the workplace if you are being bullied. Every employee deserves to work in a respectful and fair work environment where he/she feels comfortable. The HR department must take bullying seriously and follow guidance to help employees who may be affected by the manipulative behaviour of the bullies. If the company does not take the complaints seriously, they could risk losing a highly productive employee.

There are several things that HR can do to help. They can devise policies to protect employees from bullying at the workplace. They can establish a code of conduct in their employee handbook which will help set the tone for a professional working environment at the workplace. They can train managers to recognize the right and wrong ways to treat each other on the job. They could also have a confidential way for employees to report a bullying problem so that issues can be brought to the notice of supervisors without fear of retaliation.