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Sabi’s Unexpected Eviction

Sabi was at her usual spot, excited to make some sales of her new ₹200 Tulsi Tea. Imagine her shock when the guards asked her to leave.

They explained that they had been watching her for over a year, and that selling low-priced bookmarks was okay. But hawking wasn’t allowed in the park, and now that she was selling a more expensive product, she was considered a street hawker.

Sabi was confused and upset. Some of her regular customers tried to help, speaking up for her. But the park staff didn’t budge. They pointed to the street, where the other sellers were, and said that’s where she should go.

Sabi was on the verge of tears. What could she do? She chose to sip some of her own calming Tulsi Tea. Sometimes, a little comfort can go a long way.


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