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New Products Boost Sales Of Cheaper Products

A few months back, when the ₹200 Tulsi Tea was introduced, it surprisingly boosted sales of the ₹20 bookmarks.

  • Customers were more likely to buy the ₹20 bookmark from a child, and
  • Many chose to purchase more than one.

This suggests that launching pricier items can boost sales of more affordable ones.

When the Snug Monsters Specials rolled out, attention turned to the six ISRO 3D models, which were priced at roughly 2.5 times the cost of the Tulsi Tea, Sabi’s previous top-priced item. With prices ranging from ₹50 for the Rohini-75 model to ₹1000 for the GSLV model, this hinted at an intriguing pricing dynamic.

Just as bookmark sales spiked with the arrival of the Tulsi Tea, Tulsi Tea sales surged when the ISRO rockets came in, with eight ₹200 Tulsi Tea boxes sold.

Additionally, two ISRO models — Rohini-75 and Chandrayaan-1 — found buyers.

On that same day, two new strategies were tested:

  • A special offer was introduced: spend ₹60 or more and get a free ₹15 muffin. This seemed to work, encouraging people to spend a bit more for an added perk.
  • The Tulsi Tea received a packaging update, keeping its story appeal while highlighting the product more effectively.

Sales reached ₹2450 by the end of the day. By the close of the business year, spanning from October 2022 to September 2023, total revenue was ₹21,080.

But beyond the numbers, what stood out were the engaging chats with the patrons.


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