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Conduct training programs for your employees

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Undoubtedly, it is high time that employers around the world view workplace bullying as the same as rape and sexual harassment. The performance of the employees who are victims of bullying will be significantly affected and this will hurt the bottom line of the firm. The integrity of the company will also be compromised and no employee will want to join the workplace in the future. If employers choose to cover up the bullying, it will create a toxic culture for all the employees and they will not want to work

Employers should —

  • Promote stress management training, negative behavior awareness training, and workplace engagement in workplaces. They should encourage communication among employees.
  • Train their employees to be aware of their interpersonal impact. This will promote a civilized work environment.
  • Set a clear standard for positive behavior and communication in their workplaces. They must promote a healthy work environment.
  • Create a system where the workload is reasonable and the role is clarified. Treatment should be just and fair, and supportive leadership should be encouraged.
  • Provide managers with training to ensure a fair and supportive treatment in the workplace. They must also empower victims of bullying.
  • Promote a positive work culture for a healthy workplace. Additionally, they must end factors of bullying such as low job autonomy, high workload, and high workplace stress.
  • Respond appropriately once bullying has occurred and reported. They need to punish a workplace bully by transferring him to a different department or demoting him. If required, they should fire him.
  • Offer professional counseling for victims of workplace bullying. This way they can share their experiences with a mental health professional and likewise, learn to cope with bullying.