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Bullies gate keep resources

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Have you been criticized at work for something that was not your fault at all? ‘The Gatekeeper’ is a type of bully that sets you up to fail by not giving instructions in the first place and then giving you flak for the quality of the work you hand in. They could go to the lengths of avoiding passing on important details of a task so that you perform poorly. 

Some bullies manipulate their targets and withhold resources—whether that’s instructions, information, time, or help from others—setting you up to fail. They might only tell you about three steps of process when there are actually five or pile so much work on you that there’s no reasonable way for you to complete it by the deadline. They might give you a poor performance review when your work isn’t actually so poor or punish you for being one minute late to a meeting (when others who are tardy don’t face any repercussions).

They may not invite you to an important meeting so that you miss out on important information and underperform at work. To put it simply, they set you up to fail and make it impossible for you to do a good job on the task at hand.

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