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Bullies fear competition from talented colleagues

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There are certain employees at the workplace who feel insecure about themselves and their work and are scared of being fired. They have little to no confidence in their abilities. They can choose to apply themselves diligently to their work and confront their irrational fears. They can concentrate on the tasks at hand and help the company reach new heights. Some employees, however, resort to bullying to target their colleagues and eliminate their opposition.

You will often find various employees vying for the same promotion because they are at the same level in the organization. There are certain employees who take up the challenge and work on improving their productivity and the quality of the tasks they hand in so that they can gain a competitive edge of the others and catch the attention of their immediate supervisors. ‘Bullies’, however, choose to take another option.

The bully fears that their role may be under threat from a talented colleague. However, there is a chance that the colleague is neither competitive nor ambitious. The bully wants to spoil the reputation of his/her colleagues instead of focusing on themselves. This is extremely harmful to the organization because not only is it creating divisions within the organization, but is demoralizing the highly productive employees as well.