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Using stories to make your ideas heard

About the speaker: Anu Sachdev is a practitioner of narrative based social change strategies specializing in transmedia campaigns, Entertainment Education, and Human-Centered Design. She has international experience and expertise in design, production, implementation and extensive monitoring & evaluation for social change programs. As an entrepreneur, Anu believes in the power of communication in solving the most complex social problems of the world and has developed techniques and tools that enhance human interactions. She has designed over 30 communication programs on a variety of health, environment and social justice areas for social development.  Anu is a lover of stories, you will find her holding her warm cup of chai and narrating stories, almost all the time. 

What will you learn: In this podcast you’ll learn about

  • Why is storytelling an important skill to learn especially for women professionals
  • How to craft a story and critical elements to make a compelling story
  • Deconstructing the storytelling process
  • How to identify right medium for storytelling
  • What are the common storytelling mistakes that people often make and how to avoid it
  • How to ensure that stories do not turn into boring sales pitch
  • What are the best resources to fine-tune storytelling skills