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Reflections – Qutub Complex Heritage Walk

As a part of this OUTdoors project, the project team designed and organised its first Heritage Walk on 15th October 2022 (Saturday), at Qutub Tomb Complex. The walk was organised by Global Shapers Gurugram Hub, in collaboration with ICOMOS India, Soulful Safaris and our implementing partner Delhi Heritage Walk n Tale. It was guided by Adv. Dr. Harsh Pathak, who is a legal counsel by profession, with a keen interest in natural, cultural and historical heritages. The activity began at 04:30 pm in the evening, at Qutub Complex Entry Gate and was attended by 40 participants. At the end of the walk the participants shared their delightful experience with Dr Harsh and the project team. 

Most buildings, especially monuments, are designed for the day. This evening walk was designed to introduce the participants to the recent initiative of the Indian Government of lighting up the monuments at night. The walk was an experience of numerous joys and multiple emotions. The participants witnessed the complex and its offerings of art and architecture through the daylight and gradual disappearance of the monument into the dusk, only to emerge in the dark with lights adding to its beauty like jewellery. 

The project intent is to make the (natural and built) heritage sites, green and open spaces accessible to citizens of a city. The OUTdoors project team will be conducting similar walks in the upcoming months.

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Adv. Dr. Harsh Pathak is a legal counsel by profession with keen interest in natural, cultural and historical heritages. Actively engaged in various conservation projects of natural, built, tangible and intangible heritages, underwater sea heritages, Indian Himalayan Region for conservation of glaciers and culture. He is associated with the International Council for Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).


Active member of aforesaid areas in FICCI (India), MLAANZ (Australian / New Zealand), Tribuna Juridical (European States), USIBC ( US / India) to name a few leading in these areas. One can find him in the corridors of court or in heritage sites / monuments exploring the tales of time and people.