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bookMark II — You can't buy just one.

Building on the success from bookMark I, bookMark II takes it forward with six new designs.

Handmade bookmarks with monster design. Never forget where you left off reading with these monster designed bookmarks.
Price :
INR 20
Product Information
Does not slip out of the book unlike traditional, vertical bookmarks.
Exciting monster design! If you do not read the book, the monster will eat you.
Suitable for young readers.
What is new
Choose a bookmark for every book and occasion with fresh new designs every Sunday.
About this product

Testing out new designs

Sabi experimented with new bookmark designs, hoping her loyal customers would repurchase. She also believed she could charge a higher price for them.

Old designs
New designs

And guess what? People paid ₹20 for these fresh looks. Old customers returned, and new customers bought multiple bookmarks.


This is how next version of Snug Monster bookmarks was born.

Read her journey here