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Explore the green lungs in Delhi NCR and the old heritage structures/sites that are hidden in the dense urban fabric and mostly remain unvisited. This may include natural heritage, small parks, linear greens (river/lake buffers), bundhs, biodiversity parks, ecological parks, built heritage-forts, palaces, museums, chattris, religious institutions, baolis, etc. that have small footfall and are only accessed by nearby residents.

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Context of Gurugram and other areas in Delhi NCR

Gurugram witnessed its realty boom in the early eighties. Since then, there was no looking back! The city is now recognized as one of the most established financial and technology hubs in India with its high-rise buildings, condominiums and an envious network of expressways, underpasses, and flyovers. The city is also famous for the hip and happening vibes, often sourced out from the swanky malls, trendy restaurants, chic pubs, and flashy nightclubs. Ironically, being just a few kilometres away from Delhi (the hub of historical monuments of the country), Gurugram has failed to preserve, promote and value its own cultural & natural heritage (that are listed or not listed by national/state/local authorities).

Similar to many Indian cities, Gurugram has also evolved to restrict equitable access to resources & opportunities to its citizens. Addressing the urban issues related to access to green infrastructure and open spaces, women safety and the health & wellbeing of the citizens is important to achieve a sustainable pathway for city development. This initiative intends to do the same, through the lens of heritage.

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Who is this intiative for?

Are planning for a relaxing weekend? Or do you want to take a stroll in the evening with your family? Or plan a picnic outdoors? Or want to go bird watching/cycling/jogging? Or drive to a nearby location, which is not a mall or restaurant? Or just want to explore the heritage sites in your city? Then you are at right place!

For every resident of Delhi NCR and people around. This repository is an easy-access solution to discover new places, green areas or the heritage sites that will be perfect for your next adventure, a simple outing or a break day! Reconnecting with nature and your city, shouldn’t be as difficult after all?

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Why heritage sites?

  • We need to pass on our built heritage to future generations, just like we inherited it: In order to do that we need to be more aware about it, protect it, and help enhance economic means and infrastructures measures that will ensure its sustainability in the longer run.

  • The prevalence of cultural sites tends to boost tourism, sustain livelihoods, and attract investment. The non-economic benefits of culture include the preservation of history, the generation of knowledge, and the nurturing of creativity. Strategic efforts to promote our cultural heritage could directly empower disadvantaged groups and people directly working to preserve these ecosystems.

  • To achieve key targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, protecting and safeguarding the world’s natural and cultural heritage and promoting sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products is of utmost importance and our project will help enable this conversation.