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Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas

In July 2022, Sabi got a unique gift from her aunt: a book named “365 Stories from Vedas Upanishads and Puranas.” Here’s what she learned:

  1. More than a Body: Sabi found out we have deeper roots, hinting at our connection to monkeys, and got a glimpse of the soul or Atman.
  2. Family Ties: Stories talked about sticking together as a family, valuing elders, and community’s strength. They showed Sabi how both fathers and mothers play different yet equally important roles.
  3. Learning from the Wise: Upanishads had tales of students learning from gurus. Sabi could relate to them because of her Kyoshi.
  4. Deep Ideas: Sabi came across thoughts like dharma, karma, and samsara.
  5. Brains over Brawn: Characters like Lord Krishna and Ganesha taught that using her head often beats using her fists.

With her growing curiosity and questions, a 15-day temple tour across Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh was our next adventure.


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