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Train and Bogie

We taught our pre-schooler Sabi to walk using a simple game called Train and Bogie.

A train consists of two main parts: the locomotive with the engine and the carriage where passengers sit. Instead of complicated words, we used “train” for the locomotive part and “bogie” for the carriage. These names were fun and easy-to-remember for pre-schoolers.

During our walks, when we noticed Sabi getting tired, we kicked off our Train and Bogie game. In this game, all of us – Dad, Mom, and Sabi – joined hands. One of us played the role of the train, making train sounds, and pulled the others along. The fun part? The bogies couldn’t stop. This got Sabi laughing and eager to keep walking. Then eventually Sabi wanted to take on the role of the train, pulling us along with giggles.


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