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The “Sudha Murty” Books

We read positive reviews of Sudha Murty’s books and decided to pick up a few: Mythology Collection, Gopi Diaries, and My First Collection.

Murty’s stories highlight values and character, and they’re easy to read and captivating. Sabi read them all quickly and even wrote to the author requesting more children’s stories.

Here are Sabi’s top three picks:

  • The Gopi Diaries: this book shares touching stories about pets. After reading it, Sabi really wanted a dog. Coincidentally, a cat abandoned her kittens near our house around the same time. Sabi felt empathy for the kittens, so we had to take them to a shelter.
  • The Sage With Two Horns: this book includes a tale about Kannagi and Kovalan from the Chola and Pandya dynasties.
  • The Upside-Down King: this book piqued Sabi’s curiosity about different dynasties, such as the solar and lunar ones.

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