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The “Roald Dahl” Series

Next, Sabi dived into the Roald Dahl Series, thinking she would tackle one book per month. Yet, in just four months, she breezed through them all. Three books stood out as her favorites:

  • Witches: After being exposed to a bit of Harry Potter, she developed a fascination with witches. This book provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of witches, including how to identify one.
  • Matilda: Having already watched and loved the Matilda movie, she felt a connection to the protagonist’s love of reading.
  • BFG: This whimsical tale about a Big Friendly Giant and an adventurous girl named Sophie captivated her with its quirky words like “frobscottle” and “snozzcumber.”

However, two books, Boy and Going Solo, didn’t hit the mark. Going Solo felt like it was stretched thin, and Boy had too much about rats, which wasn’t her thing.

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