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The “Naughtiest Girl” Series

Sabi discovered “The Naughtiest Girl Series” by Enid Blyton, and it gripped her. In just 10 days, she devoured the entire 10-book set. And no wonder—the protagonist, Elizabeth, is as fiery and headstrong as Sabi herself.

The story follows Elizabeth as she enters her boarding school as the most spoiled and rebellious kid on the block, determined to misbehave so much that she would be expelled. Sneaking around after bedtime, venturing into forbidden zones, and giving cheeky replies to her teachers became her norm. Elizabeth’s boldness didn’t stop at breaking rules; she even had the guts to talk back to her teachers.

And here’s the twist: Sabi started acting a lot like Elizabeth at her school. When we went for a parent-teacher meet, Sabi’s teacher said she was copying Elizabeth’s ways – being rude, talking back, and not vibing with everyone in class. Quite the plot twist, right? 🤯

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