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The “Happy Meal” effect

We partnered with Pinal Patel, a professional baker and fellow woman entrepreneur, to whip up some mini chocolate muffins. Using these, we introduced an offer to see how customers would react.

The offer: buy items worth more than ₹50 and get a free muffin valued at ₹15.

Here’s what happened:

  • Some customers picked a ₹20 bookmark, thinking they would get a muffin. When they found out the offer only applied to orders over ₹60, they bought two more bookmarks.
  • Other customers wanted just a muffin, but since we weren’t selling them solo, they bought three bookmarks to qualify.
  • A handful, watching their diet, passed on the free muffin even though they spent over ₹60.

At day’s end, Sabi shared the leftover muffins with park workers like the gardeners and security.


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