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Strawberry Bu Yum (Pudding)

Strawberry Bu Yum (Pudding)

Strawberry Bu Yum (Pudding)

Course: DessertDifficulty: Easy
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Making dessert fun for toddler Sabi with ‘Bu-Yum’, a simple treat she couldn’t resist due to its catchy name!


  • Finely chopped strawberries

  • Hung curd

  • Honey


  • Finely chop the strawberries on chopping board. Ensure to make some sound to excite the baby 😛
  • Take a muslin cloth and pour fresh curd into it.
  • Bring the 4 edges of the muslin cloth together and tie one edge tightly around the rest.
  • Gently press and you will see the whey water dripping.
  • Now, place a heavy bowl, lid or tray on the tied muslin cloth bundle for few hours until all water drains
  • You can now see creamy and smooth curd.
  • Add some honey to the creamy curd to add some sweetness
  • Take a small glass. Add the layer of strawberries at bottom, then put a layer of curd. Do it til it reaches the top
  • Garnish it with some strawberries


  • If you are buying store bought curd then use fat curd and not skimmed one. I prefer using Amul Premium Curd

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