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Sabi sets up shop at local park

Since 2018, we have embraced the Japanese practice of “shinrin yoku”, basking in the nature during your regular long Sunday walks.

After selling at the Global Shapers event, Sabi decided to sell her “Snug Monsters” in the park. Over the next three weeks, she worked hard, producing 60 of these Snug Monsters.

Putting in the work

When Sunday arrived, she was geared up. With a little help, she set up a stall in the park, complete with a poster and her products. She felt a mix of excitement and jitters.

Nervous on the first day of the store

The first person to approach asked, “Hi, what’s your name?” Sabi found herself at a loss for words. When they inquired about her products, silence prevailed, and they walked away.

But she didn’t let that setback deter her. With each interaction, she found her voice. She learned that asking people, “Do you read books?” was a good icebreaker. And if they said no? Well, “Do you have friends who read books?” was her follow-up.

By the end of that day, she had made ₹750 from her sales. Not bad for a first go, right?


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