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Millets Pasta

Millets Pasta

Millets Pasta

Course: MainCuisine: ItalianDifficulty: Easy
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Millets pasta: a gluten-free, nutrient-rich alternative with a nutty flavor, pairs well with diverse sauces.🌾🍝


  • 2 cups home made marinara sauce

  • 1 cup cooked ragi pasta

  • 2 cubes grated cheese

  • Olive oil

  • Olives


  • Cook the pasta for 5 minutes in a pan. Millets pasta usually take little longer to cook as compared to other pasta
  • Don’t drain the pasta. Instead, transfer the pasta from it’s cooking water directly into the simmering sauce
  • Toss the pasta in the marinara sauce and continue to cook until done
  • Stir fry some corns in butter and serve it as side with pasta
  • Add grated cheese and mix it well until it melts
  • Add more salt or red chili flakes if a little more punch is needed, and don’t forget a big bunch of basil.



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