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Life is a river and you’re on a raft

Hi Sabi,

Life is a river and you’re on a raft, flowing through its currents. You don’t know where you’re going, but you want to make the most of the journey.

The river isn’t a straight path with a set destination, but a winding journey that requires skill and courage. One minute you’re paddling through a calm stream, and the next you’re in the middle of a wild river.

Every place you pass through — valley and gorge — makes you feel like a different person. You meet a lot of interesting people: friends, family, teachers, and strangers. You laugh and argue, build and destroy, and learn from each other.

You like some of them, and not others, but each one changes you in some way. You develop new perspectives and gain valuable insights.

As you grow up and go on to do different things, your raft will move further downstream the river.

People and places will pass, but your family will remain with you. So, respect, value, and love your family.

Don’t become too attached to people and places. They will pass. Don’t be too happy or too sad when they make you feel those emotions. Have multiple avenues of friends and social connections so that if you struggle in any one of them, you have others to rely on.


Dhara and Ritvvij


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