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Find the Gorilla

Delhi’s major parks are marvelously expansive, often spanning over 80 acres. These vast spaces cleverly compartmentalize into distinct areas, each evoking a unique ambiance, emphasizing the journey as much as the destination. The selection of diverse trees and plants infuses the environment with vibrant colors and varied textures. Strategically placed trees ensure lovely shaded retreats, while the thoughtful layering of plants at different heights introduces depth and intrigue. The parks masterfully employ elements like sand, gravel, grass, and rocks, curating distinctive walking paths. The integration of water features, such as ponds, streams, and fountains, brings about a dynamic yet tranquil dimension. These allow for addition of bridges. The terrain’s varied slopes and winding paths further ignite a sense of discovery and wonder.

We wanted to make sure little Sabi got a lot of exercise, around 7000-10000 steps, while in the park. So, we created a fun game for her called “Find the Gorilla”. We’d tell Sabi there was a shy baby Gorilla somewhere in the park. Her challenge was to find it. Each new area of the park made the game more exciting and kept Sabi on the move.


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