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Fairphone is a small phone manufacturer based out of Europe that builds modular phones that can be repaired. Yes! A repairable electronics product in the 2020s! I want to buy a Fairphone because:

  • Related to my Owned Identity: I spent my childhood days learning to fix simple electronics at my father’s factory. Those formative experiences make me gravitate towards old-school, simpler repairable products instead of the use-and-throw kinds. Fairphone gives me an option to buy a modern mobile phone that helps me carry forward my preference.
  • Work Product: I can repair it myself; they sell the necessary parts. All components of the phone can be accessed with a single screwdriver. Furthermore, they provide clear instructions on how to fix it. Additionally, as a customer transitioning from iOS to Android, I am concerned about privacy. To alleviate my worries and reduce my workload of booting the ROM, Fairphone ships with e.foundation OS, a de-Googled, privacy-focused fork of Android.
  • Signal my beliefs: Finally, use-and-throw products are terrible for the environment.

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