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Diferent types of power

today as we were walking in park me and my dad came on the topic of diferent typs of power. the types of power were

the power of phisical strghent
on which you convince others by using your power [strogness].in this type of power there are 2 things you can do 1 to make yourself do something like you did ten pushups and your body dose’nt want to do more pushups but you force yourself to do it . number 2 convinceing others to make others to do pushups forcing them would be hard mabey you have to put a 5 kg dumble on them.

authority is the type of power that you have the responsibility with like teacherts have the authority of the class.

something that other people cool with you like cartwheeling

something you have a good reason for.

surrounding yourself with the correct people


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