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Calmer Internet

You do not have fear of missing out (FOMO). You are ambitious but not aggressive about it. I’m sure you’d want this for the Internet we all inhabit.

Problem: However, products that profit from Digital Advertisements use persuasive technologies — algorithms and Push Notifications — to mold your behavior, opinions, and attitudes to meet their company objectives. You keep returning to their platform (DAU/MAU) and spending more time out of FOMO or by driving you into echo chambers. This does long-term harm to you, your children, your business, and your civic information space.

Solution: But life doesn’t happen in a Mobile Apps but outside. So Humane Products tend to be Work Products, i.e., they want you to get the job done as soon as possible and exit. Additionally, they recognize that life can be stressful, and hence they often build gratitude right in.


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