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Advanced Green Belt.

When Sabi achieved her Green Belt status, she became eligible to join the Kumite (sparring) class. Seido Karate isn’t only about traditional kata. They place significant emphasis on sparring and thus using technique in realistic combat scenarios.

To attend the class, Sabi acquired Shin Pads with Instep, Kumite Gloves, Martial Arts Head Gear, Chest Guard, and a Gum Guard from USI.

In the Kumite class, she sparred with both children and adults. The objective was not merely to hit, but to develop footwork, rhythm, and controlled technique. This way, she learned to spot chances to land a move and then execute it.

Sabi was set for her Advanced Green Belt evaluation. Sadly, she fell ill with the flu just before her scheduled date. After informing her trainers, Jun Shihan and Senpai, about potentially missing the test, she decided just an hour prior to take it. Her persistence paid off, and she earned her advanced green belt.


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