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How to start and run an online venture

29 AUG 2020 Saturday 16:00 Asia/Kolkata
Duration :
1 hour(s)
Eminent Women Series 1
Block Pattern: Slim Fit


About the speaker: Sharda Agarwal is the co-founder of Sepalika – India’s premier Online Clinic to reverse chronic health conditions. Her company’s mission is to help people treat and reverse their chronic health conditions naturally – using nutrition, vitamins and minerals, acupressure and lifestyle. Sharda is an MBA from IIM-Bangalore & a Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner from the US. Before her foray into health, Sharda was a career marketer – having worked at senior marketing roles at Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola. She ran a marketing consulting firm, MarketGate, which she sold to the Publicis Groupe. She is an Independent Director on boards of companies.

What will you learn? In this session, you will learn about:

  • How to go from an initial idea to a full fledged company?
  • How to defining your niche?
  • How to getting your first 100 customers?
  • How to keep your user base engaged?

Key highlights of the event

  • Expertise isn’t automatically fungible across sectors: I had to give up what I learned in my previous entrepreneurial journey because it did not match the needs of this sector.
  • No age is the old age to go back to school: I went back to study nutrition in the US with people who were my daughter’s age because I wanted to be sure of what I was selling.
  • Network: It is the only way to move ahead. Be specific about the kind of people you can provide value to and who can provide value to you.
  • Get a co-founder who has complementary skills to you: Don’t get someone who has identical skills are yours otherwise it will lead to an overlap of a lot of resources.
  • Your expectations and benchmarks are yours and yours alone: Don’t get swayed by what others are saying or doing. Set your own benchmarks that focus on the market, products, and your own journey. Have a definition of scale that makes sense for your business.

See full recording of the webinar below: