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Youth Camps in Nainital and Madhuban

Youth camps are organized by Aurobindo Ashram every year since 1977. These camps are open for youths across the country. Youths eagerly participate in the events with great vigor and collect knowledge along with spiritual awareness.

Van Niwas in Nainital

A quiet mountainous abode located in the Uttarakhand hills of the Himalayas. It is an Ashram situated at a height of about 8000 feet (2200 meters).

The Himalayas have always been very appealing for Indian people from the start of civilization and even earlier.  Known to be the home of Shiva, the shrines that are situated on the tip of Himalayas draw pilgrims from all parts of India.

The mountains are known to be home of sages and philosophers. Rivers like Sindhu and Ganga flow from these mountains on whose river banks have nestles the Indian civilization through the passage of time.

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Madhuban in Kumaon

Madhuban is located at a height of 5000ft over a scenic village in the Kumaon range of the Himalayas.

The beekeeping association of India which started over 60 years ago is situated in Madhuban.  It was given to the Ashram by a devotee in 2003 with developments happening at a constant pace. The entire valley of Talla Ramgarh is full of Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricot fruit orchards. Click below for further information.