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Onward and Upward, together

NariShakti is a community for working women professionals and entrepreneurs, that aims to give them the tools and network they need to progress, lead and grow professionally.

Gender is the primary lens that cuts across all our work in NariShakti. It’s a broad brush but you will see that gender is the arc that connects most of our work.

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Who is NariShakti for?

NariShakti focuses on women professionals from Tier-I & Tier-II cities in India, including entrepreneurs, career pros, side-hustlers, and freelancers.

It is a part-time initiative run by working professionals. Given the limited time, we think right now we can only address the needs of other professionals who are broadly like us: Highly educated, ambitious, learning how to navigate their careers, and want to build equity in life.

Expect real conversations on what it takes to build a career unique power while navigating professional and personal curveballs.

FAQ: Isn’t the problem faced by rural women more severe?

Yes. But we choose to work on what we can pull it off meaningfully while working on this project part-time.

What do we do?

The number of transformational women leaders is undoubtedly on the rise. But not nearly fast enough.

With intentional community building, equal opportunity, learning and education initiatives focused on uplifting women’s confidence & leadership, we can unleash their potential and accelerate their success. We are here to inform, motivate & inspire working women to work towards careers they love.

We ask questions, learn from each other, push boundaries, exchange ideas and celebrate our wins together.

We conduct curated interventions that encourage greater dialogue, knowledge sharing, and networking between the women professionals and inspiring women achievers to create a strong community of like-minded professionals.

What we are not?

  • A media company: Instead of big numbers, we chase deep one-on-one relationships. Our work is also not limited to editorial or digital interventions.

  • An activism initiative or social charity: From our limited capacity, we focus on the professional development of women. We’re always happy to collaborate with other gender activism initiatives out there. The impact hypothesis is that if women succeed professionally, they will get access to power and financial stability.

  • An expert or trainer: We are not teaching anything on our own. We onboard subject matter experts and facilitate discussions within the community.

  • A space for male bashing: While our work currently focuses on women, it is something that all people including men need to work towards. We also recognise professionals of other genders & non-binary people. We will always be open to hosting them/collaborating with them.

  • A business:  We’re a volunteer-driven group. We want to avoid getting into zero-sum situations with those working in the gender space professionally (or as a business).

Things we want to do

  • We enable a community for women including both high-touch (closed-door events) and distributed programs (podcasts & campaigns).

  • We enable discussions to make sure women are included and leading at all professional levels.

  • We actively seek partnerships with women-led communities and projects.

  • We actively seek partnerships with HR departments of companies and businesses that are looking to hire more women.

  • If we ever fund-raise or spend cash, we want to spend it on women-led businesses.


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Current Contributors

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Aditi Rai

Project Lead, OUTdoors

Anurit Kanti


Ankush Kumar


Dhara Shah


Ishartek Pabla


Harshita Jain


Past Contributors

  • Aashraya Seth
  • Anomitra Banerjee
  • Deepshikha Chhetri
  • Harsha Sanyukta
  • Nidhi Baid
  • Riya Deb
  • Piyush Narang
  • Prabhu Kunwar Singh
  • Rabani Kapoor
  • Shorya Mittal
  • Simran Sharma
  • Rutvi Narang
  • Raashika Moudgill
  • Niharika Maggo
  • Tanya Mukherjee
  • Vaibhav Mahajan