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“7 Habits of Happy Kids”

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids books are children’s version of the highly influential self-help book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Sabi found four out of the seven principles incredibly actionable, teaching her important life skills and habits.

7 Habits of Happy Kids
  • Begin with the End in Mind (Have a Plan): This habit encouraged Sabi to plan ahead and avoid impulsive actions. For example, she learned not to cut paper impulsively for a craft project without having a clear idea of what she wanted to create.
  • Put First Things First (Work First, Then Play): This habit taught Sabi the importance of prioritizing tasks. She now ensures that she finishes her homework before going to play in the park in the evening.
  • Sharpen the Saw (Balance Feels Best): The character Sophie in the book, much like Sabi, loved reading so much that she neglected other aspects of life, such as playing with friends, resting, and exercising. This habit taught Sabi about the importance of living a balanced life that includes physical activity, rest, and renewal.
  • Think Win-Win (Everyone Can Win): Sabi had been wanting to grow micro-greens on our balcony, but we had always turned down the idea, citing the amount of work involved. Taking inspiration from this habit, Sabi began seeking mutually beneficial solutions. She wrote a win-win letter to convince us to let her grow micro-greens.
Writing a win-win letter

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