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The “Sudha Murty” Books

We got good reviews about Sudha Murty books. So we bought her the whole collection:

Sudha Murthy – Mythology Collection

Sudha Murthy – Gopi Diaries

Sudha Murthy – My First Collection

All of Sudha Murty’s stories address moral and ethical issues, placing emphasis on values, ethics, and human character. Her writing and storytelling style is so simple and engaging that Sabi devoured all of her books one by one. In fact, she finished reading all of them and even wrote a letter to the author, requesting more books for children. Here are her top three picks:

  1. “The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home” and “The Gopi Diaries: Finding Love” were emotional stories about pets. After reading these books, Sabi persistently asked us for days to get her a dog. She became particularly upset when a cat abandoned her three kittens. Despite our busy schedules, we bought kitten food, but they wouldn’t eat it. Eventually, we took them to an animal shelter where they are now thriving.
  2. “The Sage With Two Horns: Unusual Tales from Mythology” caught her attention, especially one story about Kannagi and Kovalan, as it discussed the Chola and Pandyan dynasties.
  3. “The Upside-Down King: Unusual Tales about Rama and Krishna” introduced her to different dynasties, such as the solar and lunar dynasties.

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