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The “Secret Seven” Series

The Secret Seven Series is another series by Enid Blyton that comprises four books that served as Sabi’s introduction to reading denser content. In this series, seven young detectives come together to solve various mysteries. They convene in their secret meeting place—a shed in Peter’s garden—to discuss and unravel mysteries that arise in their community.

Each book presents a new adventure, which could involve anything from locating missing persons to recovering stolen property. Equipped with notebooks, badges, and a strong sense of justice, the Secret Seven rely on teamwork, ingenuity, and courage to solve each case.

Sabi was so inspired by the series that she started incorporating elements of it into her daily life:

  • Secret Hiding Places: Sabi created her own secret hiding places at home.
  • Treasure Hunts: Sabi organized treasure hunts in the park, hiding boxes filled with shells and other items for her friends to find.
  • Secret Meetings in the Park: Sabi and her friends even had secret meetings in a treehouse in the park.
  • Builder Club: The series led Sabi to found the “Builder Club,” for which she distributed badges to her close friends who became members.
  • Moral Lessons: The series also reinforced Sabi’s commitment to doing the right thing, setting her apart from peers who acted otherwise.

During one occasion, I took Sabi to one of my meetings at a coffee shop. While there, she noticed someone entering who seemed suspicious to her. True to her detective spirit inspired by the “Secret Seven,” Sabi began to jot down notes, observing the person in a detective-like manner.


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