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The “Naughtiest Girl” Series

Sabi’s love for Enid Blyton’s books naturally led her to the next series – The Naughtiest Girl Series. She completed this 10-book set in just 10 days in August 2022. The series resonated strongly with Sabi, particularly because the main character, Elizabeth, is a strong-willed and spirited young girl—much like Sabi herself.

In the books, Elizabeth starts off as a spoiled child who is determined to behave so poorly at her boarding school that she’ll be expelled. She engages in a range of mischievous behaviors and frequently breaks school rules, such as staying out of bed after hours or visiting off-limits areas. Initially, Elizabeth also displays a rude attitude toward both classmates and teachers, often answering back, refusing to cooperate, or outright disregarding the instructions from her teachers and other authority figures at the school.

Interestingly, the series had such a profound influence on Sabi that she subconsciously began to emulate Elizabeth’s behavior in her own school. During a parent-teacher meeting that quarter, while Sabi was engrossed in the series, her first-grade teacher raised concerns about Sabi’s behavior. Specifically, she noted that Sabi was becoming increasingly rude, answering back to junior teachers, and failing to get along with classmates who weren’t her close friends. 🤯


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