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The “Famous Five” Series

The Famous Five Series consists of 21 books and is one of the longest series Sabi has read to date. As the summer break of 2022 approached, Sabi devoured the entire set in just 30 days. The books often depict cousins embarking on adventurous summer holidays together, which gave Sabi hope that she too could have similar adventures with her own cousins during the breaks.

Reading Famous Five

Unlike any other books Sabi has read, the “Famous Five” series doesn’t include any pictures or illustrations. However, the character descriptions are so detailed and vivid that Sabi felt compelled to imagine and even draw the characters herself. Her favorite character is George, an 11-year-old tomboy who is fiercely independent and handles difficult situations with the poise of an adult. For example, George is capable of maneuvering a boat on her own and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and her cousins.

Imagining The Characters Of The Famous Five

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