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The “Roald Dahl” Series

We initially planned for her to read one book a month from the Roald Dahl Series, but she ended up finishing all the books in just four months.

Reading Plan For Children

She found the series extremely entertaining, funny, and captivating. Her top three books were:

  • Witches: Having watched Harry Potter, Sabi was already fascinated by witches and werewolves. This was the first book that delved into the details of witches, like how to recognize one.
  • Matilda: Sabi had seen and loved the Matilda movie on one of the OTT platforms. She related to the character because, like her, Matilda is an avid reader.
  • BFG: This book is about a Big Friendly Giant and a little girl named Sophie who is very adventurous. The book charmed her with its made-up words like “frobscottle” and “snozzcumber.”

However, two books—Boy and Going Solo—did not meet her expectations. According to Sabi, the author seemed to run out of ideas in Going Solo, and Boy focused too much on the topic of rats, which did not interest her.

Reading Roald Dahl Series

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