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Yes, I’m a Street Hawker!

Today, Sabi decided to return to our regular park and set up shop in the parking area next to the coconut vendor. She chose to wear the badge of “street hawker” proudly!

She had not showed up to her shop for over a month now. And in the first few minutes of setting up this shop, this happened 👇

An old man at the park

“You’re the Snug Monster girl! My friend told me he had bought bookmarks and tea from you. I’ve been looking for you. I want some too.”

As it turned out, she ended up achieving two days’ worth of sales in one day. The footfall was much higher, and customers had a greater intent to purchase as they left the park after their exercise. She ultimately sold out all Basil Tea Boxes.

  • Sabi gifted two boxes of tea to her Karate Teachers. One box she kept for herself.
  • This left her with 30 boxes.
  • She made ~₹2700 after deducting cost of fresh leaves and tin boxes.

Although this was a major disruption, she successfully navigated through it.


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