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Sabi got kicked out Nehru Park!

Buoyed by the success, we returned to the park the following day, ready to sell more ₹200 tea boxes. However, this time, security guards approached Sabi’s stall and asked her to leave. Sabi was shocked!

The guards, and later the park authorities, explained to us that they had been monitoring Sabi for the past 1.5 years. Until now, she had only been selling products priced between ₹1 and ₹10. Now that she had products worth ₹200, they considered her an official street hawker, as hawking was banned in the park.

We had to dismantle the shop immediately. A group of regular customers came to Sabi’s aid and protested the decision, but the park authorities were adamant. If she wanted to sell, she would have to do it outside the park, where all the other street hawkers—coconut sellers, ice cream stalls, and those selling chips and water—had set up their shops.

Sabi was extremely disappointed and nearly burst into tears.

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